Our Process
We are an Australian ecommerce website development agency specialising in providing affordable store designs and setup services for small businesses and work from home entrepreneurs.
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Our Process

Web Development Consulation

Initial Consultation

Being an e-commerce arm of a large web development and digital marketing company that has been operating for nearly two decades, here at DropShip Carts we take a diligent approach into satisfying our customers’ needs.

Our initial consultation revolves around gathering necessary information about what the client wants to achieve with their new website. Will it be a small store selling 10-20 items or a massive ecommerce platform selling thousands, or maybe even a small store with the scalability to grow seamlessly?

Let’s Talk Design

Once we reach a clear understanding of our clients needs, we start to get to the nitty gritty of the process. Here we will present some design options and samples, and if the client is unable to make up their mind, that’s ok also. With years of experience we are able to recommend a winning design that will sure impress both the owner and the visiting consumer/buyer.

We then collect all the necessary information such as product information and images, shipping options, contact details and other content that may be relevant to your ecommerce store.

Once we have all this information, we plan the development timeline.

Design Proposals
Project Starts

Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

Initial deposit of 50% – 60% is collected and we begin the development process.

Unless we are instructed to create the site urgently, we like to take our time. It is not uncommon for some sites to take between 2 and 6 weeks to be developed (depending on the number of products listed).

We believe that all the sites we create are the reflection of our quality of work, therefore we really like to play close attention to all design elements and make sure that at handover of the site, everything is completed 100% correct, giving the new site owner the peace of mind that they’re receiving a completely accurate online retail shopfront.

Real Work Begins

A chunk of space is allocated on our state of the art fast SSD servers and while one team member begins the installation of your CMS of choice, another is beginning to upload product details.

Your main point of contact (Martin – Project Manager) liaises with the new website owner about design and content aspects as they are being completed.

Here you can see your new business web store take shape, and of course you have the say in all alterations that need to be made.

Web Development Work

Project Completion

When the project has been completed successfully, and the client is 100% satisfied, we make arrangements for the remainder of the payment to be received.

When this is done, the site handover begins. You are issued with all your login details and gain full control over your new ecommerce business website.

We let you get familiarised with your new stores back end operation, and if you have any questions on how to accomplish tasks, we make custom instructional videos on how to perform the tasks on your very own site.