Presta Shop Ecommerce CMS
When you have a great product to offer the World Wide Web community, you might simply want to get your website up-and-running quickly. You might not want to invest a lot of time or money into your shopping cart. You want solid functions, customizability and scalability. Presta Shop can help you hit the ground running.
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Presta Shop Ecommerce CMS

Prestahop - Home Business Website Development

Presta Shop Ecommerce CMS

Running an online home business can be an exciting activity, allowing you to reach a lot of customers, all around the world. You might have some handicrafts or local goods that are quite popular. Unfortunately, you might not have the largest budget or much programming expertise.

You still want to provide an awesome shopping cart experience for your website visitors. The Presta Shop shopping cart software is the affordable way to drop ship. This is a bare bones shopping cart, which allows you to pick-and-chose which features you want to add. Save money while providing the basics for eCommerce. Learn about the most appealing characteristics in this Presta Shop review.


Easy to Start Presta Shopping Cart

When you have a great product to offer the World Wide Web community, you might simply want to get your website up-and-running quickly. You might not want to invest a lot of time or money into your shopping cart. You want solid functions, customizability and scalability. Presta Shop can help you hit the ground running.


How popular is Presta Shop?

The number of websites running Presta Shop is between the 87,288 estimate of Datanyze on September 16, 2016 or the 125,000 estimate of ITX Design also made in 2016. The October 2015 market share for Presta Shop was around 9% or so.

The open source Presta Shop shopping cart software is free to start with. More than 2.5 million Presta Shop versions have been downloaded.

How can shopping cart software be free?

The business plan of Presta Shop is to provide the bare bones for your shopping cart initially. They make their money when you purchase the adornment plugins – themes, shipping, marketing and so forth. Pick-and choose what you want. Here are the most appealing characteristics of Presta Shop:

  • Amazing Affordability
  • Easy Installation
  • Powerful Customizability
  • Robust Searching
  • Numerous Plugins

A small home based business might like to try Presta Shop for free. What do you have to lose? The software is quite easy-to-install. Other eCommerce solutions can be quite complicated. These software programs can create a very orderly website for a multinational corporation, but it might require some high-level programming expertise.


Amazing Affordability

When you look at new cars, don’t you kick the tires and take them for a test drive? Of course, you do. And by downloading the free open source Presta Shop, you can do just that.

Can you beat the initial price? Free. No.

See how Presta Shop looks. How does it feel? Do you understand the system? Do you think the graphical user interface (GUI) would be easy-to-navigate by your website visitors?

Low barrier to entry

The primary concept of open source software is to provide a shared community technology. Anyone can tweak, fix and repair any glitches. They can also sell plugins as solutions.


Easy Installation

Experts believe that Presta Shop is the best for those with little or no software programming skills. You might have a great idea for selling merchandise, but have zero software programming expertise. No problem, Presta Shop is easy-to-download, easy-to-install and easy-to-use. You can get a solid infrastructure for your shopping cart without any technical knowledge.


How can I run a shopping cart, if I don’t understand how it works?

Due to its simplicity, you can get your shopping cart up-and-running quickly and easily. Add pictures, descriptions and prices. Presta Shop might be better than some competitors, whose systems might be a bit too complicated for a small home business. Presta Shop is ideal for the “technologically-challenged.”

There are also fewer system requirements for Presta Shop than with other shopping cart software. You might not need to invest in a fancy new computer to run your home business online.


Powerful Customizability

Do you own a satellite dish, allowing you to get 10,000 cable channels from all around the world? Honestly, how many can you watch at the same time? To save money, some families are simply purchasing movies one-at-a-time. Presta Shop kind of works the same way.


If you don’t need 10,000 themes, why pay for them?

You can add features, as you need them. You can remove the old ones, when they are outdated. This is a more efficient way to run a small- or medium-sized home business.

Review all of the PrestaShop theme templates; the nice thing about open source, is that a wider community of developers increases the level of creativity, innovation and variety. Simply purchase the one theme you need. Doesn’t that make more sense? You can do the same with shipping methods and marketing tools.

Also, this simplicity allows you to customize your shopping cart more easily. You can feel comfortable with Presta Shop.


Robust Searching

The search engine optimization (SEO) features of Presta Shop are well-respected. This software syncs with numerous marketing channels. You can also add advanced Customer Loyalty Rewards features – newsletters, email and coupons.


Numerous Plugins

PrestaShop has 25,000 plugins and extensions, which is very high for the eCommerce industry. You can add numerous features to your home business website. These plugins are the primary way that the brand makes its money.


Budget-Friendly Presta Shop

Of course, what do you have to lose with a free shopping cart software? Nothing. The truly appealing fact about Presta Shop is that even after the free initial download, hundreds of thousands of websites have continued to use Presta Shop. The number of plugins is truly amazing. Open source rewards independent developers for making solutions.

The community based Presta Shop is a powerful system with numerous functions. You can add features, as your company grows – just like you would with a cloud-based software brand. This can help you stretch your limited funds farther. Achieve the perfect look on a shoe-string budget with Presta Shop.

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