Why Magento Is The King Of Ecommerce CMS
Magento is the industry standard for drop shipping eCommerce software. It offers robust customizability, compatibility and scalability characteristics that lead the eCommerce industry. Learn why the Magento shopping cart software is so popular all around the World Wide Web.
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Why Magento Is The King Of Ecommerce CMS

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Why Magento Is The King Of Ecommerce CMS


What Are Magento’s Best Features?

Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform and the fastest growing system; that is why eBay purchased the brand. You can choose from two versions of the Magento shopping cart: Community (open source) or Enterprise (proprietary).

Market share can be difficult to calculate, but Magento’s market share is somewhere around 25% or so. Datanyze estimated that on September 15, 2016, Magento was being run on about 189,109 websites. These are both tops in the industry.

Magento sets the tone.

Due to its relationship with eBay, Magento is the hands-down favorite for many home-based businesses. They know that they can sell their wares on eBay and use the most popular payment gateways or shipping firms. This is great for beginners who want to purchase a solid platform that will be useful for years to come. These are just a few of the top characteristics of the Magento shopping cart:

  • Fast Page Loading
  • Highly Customizable
  • Superior Compatibility
  • Multiple Brand Functionality
  • Customer Rewards


Fast Page Loading

Easy-to-use, robust, accessible and well-designed, this shopping cart software has made customer navigation of websites –  a breeze. The fast page loading will keep your visitors engaged. Efficient websites have higher uptime rates. Magento is also known to have a great reputation for high-quality customer service.


Highly Customizable

Besides providing the basics that every home based business needs, Magento also offers individualized, personalized and customizable features. You have full control of all facets of your home business: administration, products, pricing, inventory, shipping and even taxation.


What is unique about your business?

You can create a more personal shopping cart experience, just for your customer base. With full control of categories, names, prices, product details and attributes, you can display your creative marketing style with your website graphical user interface (GUI). Choose which merchandise, you want to highlight each day.

Over time, your repeat customers will develop their own “Wish Lists.” You can use these to upsell products to increase your sales. Create your own SEO marketing campaigns and incorporate them into your shopping cart DNA. Magneto extensions provide scalability, allowing you to grow your brand globally


Superior Compatibility

You don’t need to worry about compatibility with Magento. This eBay brand has close synchronization with the top payment fulfillment, shipping, accounting, CRM and email brands. Magento has got you covered.


Multiple Brand Synergy

Experienced business owners, who understand search engine optimization (SEO), know that operating different websites, allows you to appeal to different customer niches. You might have a new brand and want to see if it will be popular. You don’t want to steal sales from your primary brand, so you create a new website. A separate website can be used for brand differentiation, sales tracking and different geographical markets.


Magento Merges Diverse Units Into Cohesive Whole

Magento allows you to run separate front office websites, while merging the back office logistics. None of your customers need to know the difference. This allows you to be creative. The back office shopping cart, shipping and logistics for multiple websites are “all under one roof” with the Magento eCommerce solution. You can also handle multiple shippers and wholesalers.


Customer Loyalty Rewards

Sales, discounts and customer loyalty rewards are a necessary part of handling inventory and developing a solid customer base. Some other eCommerce software solutions cannot handle the more complicated customer loyalty rewards features that may be the most appealing. If you need more complicated features than the simple BOGO, then the enterprise edition of Magento might be necessary.

The Magento eCommerce solution can be used to offer gift cards, coupons and membership discounts. These are quite useful for the home business, which might want to create a more personalized customer experience.

Superior shopping cart control allows you to determine exactly which merchandise is sold at a discount and when. You can make all your products 10% off, easily enough. But with Magento, you can also use very precise “If Then” controls to discount very specific categories of goods. For example, you can establish – “If the product is from Wholesaler A, then it will be 15% off.”

Gain complete control over your inventory with the powerful Magento shopping cart. Sell outdated inventory and restock merchandise in real-time to keep your product mix fresh.


Make Visitors Happy

When your shopping cart is well-designed, your visitors will be happier because they can find exactly what they need, when they need it. Magento helps you create an enjoyable shopping experience. Ensure that your eCommerce solution will grow at the same pace as your online store. Magento helps organize your website to make it more user-friendly.

Business owners, all around the globe, have migrated to Magento for some reason; perhaps, because it offers the top features they need in a shopping cart software. Magento understands the World Wide Web and gives you the tools to be successful thereon. Create a search engine friendly website that is a pleasant experience for all of your visitors.

Is the feature-rich Magento shopping cart software, right for you? Do you need a robust, powerful, customizable eCommerce solution that allows you to multi-task and grow your brand? If this is what you need for your home business, then you can rest assured that you are trusting one of the industry stalwarts: Magento.

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